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Hi there lovely one,

I am Jane. A 30 something solo mama to the cheekiest, kindest, superhero loving, beacon of light that is my son!

I am on a mission to live the healthiest,  most authentic life I can, both through what I put into my body, but also what I project out to the world.  I am finally learning that  I have been put on this earth to honour my body and the amazing life-force it has given me {wrinkles, battle scars, stretch marks and all}.
 I am forever grateful to it, despite its ups and downs it is my purpose to make it my best friend, to nurture, love, heal  and let it flourish and in the process help others love theirs too!

Its a funny little thing when we come to write about ourselves. For me it can be my biggest stumbling block.  Its a bizarre concept to write a few paragraphs on a one dimensional page  to encapsulate what is an ever evolving life. To be honest I always get a touch of stage fright, self doubt creeps in and I question why you would be here, reading my story.
But its in that exact moment that I realise that I am writing this for those that have that self doubt, that niggling feeling that they dont feel like they are quite enough. That their story isn't worthy to be shared with the world. Because I am here to tell you that it is, it bloody well is.  I want to help those that are not  showing up in the world as their true selves. The ones that have faith to change, but cant quite take those first teeny tiny steps (and those I guarantee are the bloody hardest).
I am talking to myself 12 months ago, timid but purposeful,  resilient but lacking in self belief,  petrified of being vulnerable, of projecting the real me to the world, scared shitless of making changes  to the way I fuel my body and the fear, yep that it may make me a better person and their would be no turning back. Crazy huh?  

But you are here now and really that is all that matters.

So I am forever grateful, and I do hope that you stick around to learn  some more about me!

This little blog is really just an extension of my own life at the moment. This urge to share, help and identify with  amazing women trying to peel back the layers to reveal their true  selves.  I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, where we can nourish ourselves with the best food available,  yet I am also passionate about nourishing all the other aspects that make us up as a whole person;  our mind, our heart and our soul. I believe all of these elements need to be nourished as much as the nutrition that goes into our body to achieve true contentment in our lives.

I know this it is not always an easy feat,  especially when life throws you curve balls. It is never smooth sailing, but its about how we deal with things before, after and during a life crisis that can unveil alot about ourselves and help pave the way for the rest of our lives. Its often termed the journey, because trust me it is, but when you can see the other side it is magic.
 I know first hand what it is like to have  life curve balls hit head on and to watch as things unravel.

At the age of 30  when I  had my life planned out.  Content living with a partner, a cute little 2 year old and living in a white picket fence house I loved dearly, all my plans came to abrupt halt. A curve ball hit me from out of nowhere.

My partner and I reached a massive fork in the road and at the time I was left  blind sighted and completely out of breath,  yep it was like a massive sucker punch to the guts!
We had different ideals of what our future should look like. I saw myself in an expanding family, but he didn't.  He really couldn't see a road together for us going forward at all.   And with such heavy hearts, we separated and I began life as a solo mum to a very cheeky toddler no less.

It unravelled as the hardest journey I have taken to date,  where my main focus was on survival and the needs of my little boy. My physical and emotional needs were neglected and I was fuelled on caffeine, chocolate and adrenaline for almost 2 years. I gave up my beloved exercise and was on a roller coaster of emotions.   My body went into shut down, and I have never felt worse.  I recognise it now. So in 2013 when the fog of my separation finally lifted (yes it took almost 3 years!!)  I felt a strong urge to make serious changes to my life. I overhauled my diet, started exercising regularly and really started working on my confidence and lack of self belief which in the process of the separation took the biggest brunt.  It  still is the biggest work in progress.
Its not easy to repair such deep emotional scars, they will be there forever, but with forgiveness, peace and a knowing that it was the best thing for both me and my little guy, I am finally healing.

"There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen 

I am so passionate about the healing powers of our body, and I trust mine will look after me, and to be honest it hasn't always been an easy ride in my body. I was unlucky to be born with undetected hip dysplasia. When discovered at 10 months old, I spent almost a year in ankle to hip plaster. Since then my hips have tested my strength so many times.  In total I have had 10 operations since the age of 22, this included a full reconstruction and a subsequent hip replacement.
In 2014, where I am embracing courage, I look set to have another hip replacement. At times its been a hard journey, but I am forever grateful for the true grit and resilience I have developed, the faith in my body and the powerful qualities of rest and recuperation when it is needed. I know that in order to heal, we must assist our bodies to do so.

"Everything that has happened to you, is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to prevent you from growing.... You get to choose" - Wayne Dyer

I am so pleased that you are here and I do hope I can provide some inspiration to the courageous and confident girl that lays within. Its my daily mission to help myself (and you too) unlock the magic that is inside. To feel alive, powerful and nourished.
The one thing I know I want to achieve with this blog, being an ever optimistic sagittarian at heart, is that my message is hitting the target of someone that really needs to hear my words at that exact moment in time  (to have them resonate with their heart and soul)

I hope thats you!

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