Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Beginnings.....

This sacred space of mine has been free from my words lately.  In fact I nearly forgot it exists, let alone anyone else knowing it was here!!
I lost my blogging mojo some time ago and it never seemed to return, seemingly gone forever. But I know deep in my heart, that I love to write, I crave writing, I was born to write.  So  here I am today being bold and declaring that its doors are officially open (and this time for quite awhile). 

No one may  come and read it, and that is totally ok with me. Maybe just my mum and a close friend, and in my eyes thats a win, because these words here will be touching someone.

It seems the big changes happening in my life right now are shaking things up a bit and with that shake up, I felt the need to be able to share, to empower, to perhaps ignite a spark in others (as much as ignite it for myself)
I know it  will take  some time,  but  I am ready for that, I will be here, waiting, writing, sharing.

First and foremost I am putting my big girl pants on and embracing my 2014 intention to do everything with courage, to be fearless in the face of my greatest fears and to let go all  of my expectations, my doubts and my limiting beliefs of the things I have inside to share, the niggling camparisonitis that plagues me.
 I know we all have our own paths to go down, our own trails to blaze, and that by posting this today I am just adding another voice to the path, another journey to be taken. I am forging ahead regardless of what my mind is telling me.  We all have beautiful unique voices and a right to use them and share them in our own safe haven.
So from today I will be found here voicing mine oh so quietly, but the bigger point is I will be sharing. 

Here are a few little blogging guidelines I have set for myself

For the rest of the year I am ready to tackle this blog full steam ahead, with gentle love and no anticipation of what it may bring.  I just want to be myself in each and every moment, day to day and see where it leads.

To lend myself the same compassion that I know I lend others.  I am not going to let fear hold me captive, to get stuck in the a never-ending cycle where I  gallop through the gates of my comfort zone with such raw enthusiasm (I am a horse at heart.. its the sagittarian in me!)  only to get bound and gagged by  anxiety and cold feet. I quickly go scurrying back to my sanctuary more  scared, more paralysed and more stuck than ever.
So I am declaring no more draft posts sitting in my blog waiting to be read  (it should come as no surprise that I had over 100 drafts never published and now lost in in my last blog home  - Adventures of Java Jane).

I will publish every last one of them here, even those that scare me half to death, in fact those are the ones that need to be published.  The ones where putting my vulnerability on the line, my heart on my sleeve, a lump in my throat will connect with more, support more and heal some more. My motto will be to just "press publish", shut my computer down and walk away for awhile.

I will leave behind my perfection meets procrastinator personality and just publish. I have this niggling thought that the name of my blog doesn't represent who I am or where I am going, and instead of working my way through that and to just let it evolve naturally as it should, I have let it tie me to the gorund and used it as an excuse not to write.
My mind is good at playing those games with me, all stemming back to my  perfectionism and tugging at my lack of confidence, well I am saying goodbye to that.  So I have flipped the mind game on itself,  I know the name will evolve from within, but at least  for now it will be a fluid process and my flow of words may just spark the inspiration I need.

   As a good friend said to me the other day, "Just feel the fear and do it anyway!" 

I plan to  let down my hair and have some fun and I know then that the words will spill out freely. None of this tangled up and so serious. I need to SURRENDER, to let go, be present and feel the JOY!

So thats it, nice and simple really!
- Be Gentle
- Do it with Love
- No more drafts
- Press Publish
- No more Procrastination (disguised as perfectionism!)
- Let the words flow
- Have fun
- Feel the JOY 

Are you a blogger? Any tips to get you going when you are stuck in a rut?

Can't wait to be back here again, see you real soon

Big love

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  1. Good on you Jane! You've created a beautiful space here and you should feel very proud! Sometimes when I get stuck in a rut I go for a jog - it's amazing how much clarity I have afterwards xx


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