Friday, February 14, 2014

The concert that changed my life....

Last year a concert changed the course of my life. OK, I know that's a pretty huge statement! So maybe it didn't change my life, but it definitely gave me the kind of jolt, that has flowed through my veins like electricity ever since and ignited such a potent year of massive changes.  Before we go on, I have to say that music has always been my therapy of choice, it is the one thing that I attach so many memories to and the one thing that I turn to when I am happy, sad, playful, in pain, joyous and stressed. It soothes, comforts and makes me come alive.  It always has.

So I will say this once (and I will most likely say it many more times to come) I'm in love with "The Boss".  The man is my music nirvana!  If you were a kid growing up in the 80's you would probably be  familiar with Bruce Springsteen's music,  for me, even though I could probably hum along to a few of his songs,  all I  wanted to listen to were the Bangles, Bananrama and Kylie Minogue.

It wasn't until I was in year 11 and studying International Policy, when the teacher (who was an adoring fan)  told all of the students to go get themselves a copy of Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits. The ever obedient student in me went and spent my hard earned cash and got a copy. As I sat in my room studying the political landscapes of countries, I got distracted and lost in these familiar songs. Listening with with fresh ears and I really started to GET it. The words, the rhythm, the ache, the charisma. He had captured my soul!

Fast forward 15 years and he is still doing all of that (and more). His music helped soothe the pain of a heartbreaking separation. It was his anthem "dancing in the dark" that finally awakened my inner   sparkle and gave me a sign that I had made it to the other side. 

So of course when he toured Australia last year, I jumped at the chance to go, and not just to any arena, but to the mesmerising Hanging Rock. And that concert was the catalyst for something bigger in me, and as corny as it is it truly did spark that fire! 

At the concert I felt like me, but a better, stronger, more joyful, energised, happier version. I felt so alive and vibrant, it was almost an out of body experience. I squealed and sang and danced and had no inhibitions. I was so present in my body, in the moment and I so liked how I felt. I wanted to bottle that feeling and take it home with me. 
From that moment there was a significant shift in how I lived my life. I wanted to feel those feelings again. To feel the freedom and to be so present, to feel that sheer joy.

I had already begun to make small changes to  the way I was living and thinking and this experience only accelerated the process.  I began to say yes more. I began to listen to my intuition, to step out of my comfort zone and I really honed in on how I was nurturing myself.  I began to nourish my body, and really take care of my heart.  It had been hurt, so although there would always be those residual scar tissues from the pain, it was beginning to feel more open and complete, and I continued to use music and  tapping into those powerful memories as inspiration to spur me on further.
Positive people  showed up in my life and my thoughts on myself began to shift ever so slightly. The things that didn't serve purpose in my life gently faded away.  I became open to meeting new people and out of that some amazing friendships were formed, ones that I didn't see coming.  I know there were many, many challenges along the way and I cant place all of the emphasis on Bruce, but just shedding those layers has made me a much better person, and more than that, it has brought me closer to who I really am. Not afraid to say what I love and not afraid to fit one mould. I am me, and this musical loving, passionate gal  is just one aspect that comes along with being perfectly me. 

I am seeing him again this weekend, and I know it will not be the same experience. I am a different person and I will not compare them.  I am beyond excited. To feel and reconnect to that sense of fun and joy that I must say is much closer to the surface than it ever has been.  I wonder what kind of change will be in store after this concert?
I can see a big, exciting and challenging year unfolding, and I am sure that I will take some of this energy that I will get with me. 

Ill leave you with this clip.... Its all sorts of amazing (well to me anyway!)

Have you ever been to a concert or had a musical moment that  has changed your life? 


  1. Hi there just testing as I left a comment but it didn't seem to work.

  2. I dont think I have ever been to a concert that has affected me in such a profound way is you experienced, but there are songs that have touched me deep and lyrics that have given me light when I needed it most. I love that you have been touched in this way and that the experience has has such a positive effect on your life - you so deserve it. Now more importantly, I did not know your blog was up and running hun... so excited I have just discovered this :) xx

  3. Love this Jane - i love Bruce but have never seen him life - you have inspired me to load one of his CDs right now while i set off to write my blog posts! xxx

  4. He's just a big fat awesome ball of yum. I am totally unsurprised that his concert moved you so much, Jane. I'm looking forward to following your story here on your lovely blog. x


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