Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lets get this blogging show on the road

Where for art thou motivation to write?  Where has  that naked courage gone?  Or  that energy and all those stories you desire to tell? Where the bloody hell are they?

Oh thats right, they are swirling and twirling, dancing alone in your head, never to be heard,  never to be put on paper. 

But why, why not?  Why are you not sharing them?  Maybe they are funny, maybe they are beautiful, maybe they are sad,  maybe, just maybe they are so uplifting that they will inspire somebody else. 

Who knows, but you do know that in your heart you are meant to write. To put words down on paper, to tell a story, to share words, and connections, anecdotes about life. To cry through the telling. Even if that means every word you write again you cry, sob or weep  through. That in itself is the best therapy. The sheer relief and release of words and water onto paper (or keyboards!) . 

Ok then, lets get to work, and get this show on the road! No more procrastination or filters here on in!  

Ok - Deal! 

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  1. Deal - start sharing lovely - i tell myself - less thinking, more doing lol as i get lost in my head and stress and perfectionism. Can't wait to hear, connect and relate with you beautiful xx


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